“The utilization of multiple posts in the weakened root canal provides better fracture resistance in both anterior and posterior regions.”

“ETT restored with multiple FRC posts yielded substantially higher fracture resistance than the single FRC restored teeth.”

The Effect of Intra-radicular Multiple Fiber and Cast Posts on the Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Teeth with Wide Root Canals. Satheesh B. Haralur, Maram Awdah Al Ahmari, Safeyah Abdurrahman AlQarni, and Mashael Khaled Althobati. Biomed Research Intl, 2018-Aug.

“Fatigued endo crowns © with both 2-mm and 4-mm long endo cores displayed outcomes in term of marginal integrity and fatigue resistance equivalent to classical crowns.”

“Results of this study discourage the use of flat overlays (A) with only adhesive retention to restore extremely destroyed premolars.”

“Almost the totality of the fractured specimens broke in a catastrophic way (unrepairable fracture) under the Cement Enamel Junction. (CEJ)”

Restoration of severely damaged endodontically treated premolars. The influence of the endo-core length on marginal integrity and fatigue resistance of lithium disilicate CAD-CAM ceramic endocrowns; October 2017, journal of dentistry 68. Giovanni Tommaso Rocca, René Daher,Carlo Massimo Saratti, University of Geneva | UNIGE · Department of Cariology and Endodontics; Sedláček Radek, Czech Technical University in Prague | ČVUT · Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FS)

“The use of flowable short-fiber composite as reinforcing base with large direct and indirect restorations may result in more repairable failure.”

Influence of short-fiber composite base on fracture behavior of direct and indirect restorations. S. Garoushi & S. Sungur & Y. Boz & P. Ozkan & P. K. Vallittu & S. Uctasli & L. Lassila. Clinical Oral Investigations, January 2021.
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