Biolight® DRILL-FREE Training Kit

The Biolight® DRILL-FREE training kit contains all the materials required to learn how to place Biolight® DRILL-FREE posts. Use it while following a LIVE or video tutorial below.

Training Kit include:

  • 5 - Biolight® DRILL-FREE multi-posts (1 x #4, 1 x #6, 1 x #9, 2 x #12)
  • 1 - 5ml syringe of Biolight® CORE DC (with application tips)
  • 3 - Unidose of Biolight® STiK! DC
  • 1 - Practice model
  • 1 - X-ray template
  • 3 - Microbrush applicators

biolight drill-free training kit

Biolight® DRILL-FREE Video Tutorial

This video tutorial will guide you through the steps to prepare your 1st actual cases, as the procedure is different from a traditional post.

Follow and replicate all the steps using the demonstration tooth models and materials, while following the video:

  • Explanation of the components
  • Choosing the correct number of strands
  • Using the filling sleeve to ensure bubble-free saturation of all posts with resin cement
  • Post insertion and placement
  • Bonding and build-up procedure

Biolight® DRILL-FREE LIVE Tutorial

Sign up for a free 45-minute live tutorial with your colleagues as you learn to place Biolight® DRILL-FREE posts in the comfort of your dental practice.

When you order your training kit on-line, select "Training Kit with Live Tutorial". You will receive an invitation to attend an upcoming event. One-on-one free training may also be available with a Synca dental materials specialist.

  • Review the benefits of Biolight® DRILL-FREE
  • Review the protocol for preparation, selection and insertion of Biolight® DRILL-FREE posts
  • Follow along an actual in-vitro demonstration using your training kit
  • Question period

biolight drill-free tutorial video

biolight drill-free tutorial video

biolight drill-free Multi-post system
biolight dual Double taper post system
biolight st Single taper post system
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