Vanini Stratification Technique

ENA HRi® offers unparalleled esthetics for anterior composite restorations. It features materials that have been designed specifically for the Vanini Stratification technique. Dr. Vanini is a leader and innovator in dental esthetics, and continues to teach his technique, along with many of his colleagues, all around the globe.

With ENA HRi®, you can obtain predictable, highly esthetic composite restorations with invisible margins, while providing patients with years of functional smiles.
ENA HRi® Flow
“No Bubbles” Formulation

Standard flowable composite formulations incorporate fine air bubbles into the material. When photo-polymerized these air spaces result in uncured composite internally, leading to internal structural weaknesses and the development of micro-fractures. The ENA HRi Flow formulation eliminates air bubbles, resulting in superior physical properties.