Resin-impregnated fiber reinforcement

Reinforcing dental appliances can be a challenge for dental technicians. Metal reinforcements add weight and bulk, are usually un-aesthetic, and their efficacy is doubted by many. "Metal only holds the appliance together when it breaks" is a refrain heard from technicians everywhere. Using modern materials dental technicians can now offer their customers truly reinforced dental appliances.
Fiber implant framework system

From the minds that brought you FiBER FORCE®, CST® (Cable Stayed Technology) represents the next major evolution in fiber design and application: an ingeniously simple concept for fabricating an implant supported fiber structure for fixed/hybrid dentures, popularized by solutions like the All-on-4™ implant system.
Dental glass splinting system

The Fast Splint Matrix® system will accommodate different workflows, allowing users to fabricate splints, retainers and space maintainers either directly in-mouth or indirectly on a model - whatever works better in your situation! Indirect fabrication can be performed by in-house staff or by any dental lab, freeing up chair time and allowing dentists to maximize the profitable use of clinical time.
Temporary fiber implant framework system

CST® TEMP uses a simplified CST® technique and is designed specifically to reinforce provisional dentures for 4 to 6 months. CST® TEMP specifically strengthens the most fragile sections of the temporary denture – where the implant abutments are located. CST® fibers have shown to increase both fatigue and strength of denture acrylic.